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Central Ohio Pickleball League


Wedgewood | Worthington Hills Clinch League Championships

It was another hot day for pickleball, but two teams prevailed to become the first pickleball champions of the PickleballZone Adult Coed Summer Pickleball League. Wedgewood beat the previously undefeated Lakes-KK team, 3-0, to win the Advanced Beginners League. In the Intermediate/+ League, Worthington Hills won in a tight match, 2-1, against New Albany. Click on Previous Day's Match Results to see the individual results and graphs.

Worthington Hills Coed Intermediate/+
Worthington Hills Coed Intermediate/+ - Click to team page

This wraps up the official season. Efforts are underway to identify the things that went particularly well and the things that could improve. Jot down a few ideas and share them via Pickleball Feedback. or via your captain or league representative.

PBZ is still in need of some team photos. It would be great if an enterprising player took high resolution photos of the Wedgewood and Kinsale-TJ teams to share online.

The nanosecond after the pickleball league ended, all PBZ efforts went immediately into Click for coverage of Ohio High School Tennis on a statewide basis.

Interested in platform tennis this winter? Click on to inquire about playing and/or participating in the Central Ohio Platform Tennis League. There will be three divisions this year - 3.5, 4.0, and Open.


Rain Out (Again) - Playoffs This Sunday

The surprise rain on Sunday was, well, a surprise as players got an additional workout by sprinting to shut their car windows.. Some teams rescheduled for later in the day on Sunday. Other teams played this week. Some of the courts also went unfinished since the team had already secured the team win.

Kinsale-JH Advanced Beginners - Click to enlarge

To view the results reported from Sunday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

The teams in the Advanced Beginners League playoffs are Lakes-KK and Wedgewood. New Albany and Worthington Hills are in the Intermediate/+ League playoffs. For players to be eligible, they must have played twice during the season. (A list was just sent to the captains on which players were eligible.)

Today's featured team is Kinsale-JH Coed Advanced Beginners. They are led by Julie Happel.

Didn't reach the top two positions in your league? All teams are encouraged to play teams above or below them in the rankings. Please work it out amongst yourselves on who will be hosting the match. Please keep in mind that both leagues may be participating so that may cause a traffic jam on your courts.


Vacations Making It Harder for Captains

The good news is that people can travel this summer (for now). The bad news is that couples like to go on vacations with each other.. With so many couples in the league, it has made it harder for captains to gather enough players for teams. That was especially the case last Sunday. As the season is reviewed, this is another item to keep in mind for future years.

The Country Club at Muirfield Village
The Country Club at Muirfield Village - Click to team page

To view all of the results recorded from Sunday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Lakes-KK remains the leader in the Advanced Beginners league and Wedgewood is a solid second. In the Intermediate/+ league,  New Albany leads the pack and Worthington Hills, Kinsale, and Scarborough are vying for second.

The playoffs take place on August 8th. The original thinking was that only the top two teams would compete but there is no reason why all teams cannot play another match. There could be matchups between the 3rd and 4th place teams, etc. If a team does not want to participate, that team could be skipped for the next team in the rankings. The decision to play will be the captains of both teams.

There were a few rule changes and additions made to reflect a few questions that arose. They include team rankings, rain out guidelines, and others. The changes are listed in a green font. Click for the rules. The rules are also included on the Results | Info page.

Today's featured team is The Country Club at Muirfield Village Coed Advanced Beginners. Their team captain is Ryan Straka and Jodi Rhodes.

To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.


Perfect Day for Pickleball

Everything went well on Sunday. (Your version of "well" may vary.) All of the scores were submitted in a prompt and timely manner. Plus today is the first "action photo edition" of

Heather S.
Kinsale's Heather S. - Click to enlarge
Herrell's Scott F.
Angie | Grant and Scott | Ronni - Click to enlarge

First the scores.. Lakes-KK is the sole leader in the Advanced Beginners league and New Albany Coed is close to locking up the number one position in Intermediate/+. To view all of the results recorded from Sunday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

As mentioned in the last update, players need to compete twice in the regular season in order to play in the playoffs.

There are not many (maybe any?) Reuters, Getty, and the AP photographers who cover pickeball, but that's ok, because does. There are now 23 action photos online. These images were taken at various matches and practices. There were a lot from which to choose but these are the best. All of the photos may be "clicked on" to enlarge. All of them are low resolution images (so that they load on the page faster), but they still look good.

Note that there are a huge number of photos still in the archive. There may be a photo of you that did not make this group or there may have been no photo of you to include. More experimentation is necessary but the heights and angles are starting to become clearer. Again, there are no professional styles to emulate because the pros from professional tennis are not involved.

Some believe that any photo on the Internet can be used elsewhere, but that is not even remotely the case. (Getty is extremely aggressive about going after those who use their photos.) PBZ will be accommodating about allowing clubs to use photos to promote the pickleball league and the club's pickleball programs. Individuals who wish to use photos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. need to contact PBZ directly. Never use a photo that includes a copyright.

Currently, just first names and last name initials are included with the photos. Full names are used on OhioTennisZone and

Contact Scott Gerber via Feedback with any questions. Click to go to Photos.

Some of the PBZ players also play in the Greater Columbus Tennis Association (GCTA) League. Click to view recent photos taken by Scott Gerber for the GCTA. These photos were taken at Worthington Hills and they include players from WHCC and The Lakes.

To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.


Rainy Sunday

Several teams are still in make-up mode after last Sunday's rain. Click to view the match results that have been posted thus far.

Just one match moved indoors - New Albany Coed Intermediate/+ versus Worthington Hills Coed Intermediate/+. Their match was played at Olympic Indoor. Since people are so busy in the summer and since it is difficult to reschedule matches, it is encouraged that teams move indoors when there is inclement weather. Olympic Indoor and Scarborough had time spots available last Sunday and their rates are very reasonable. For more information, contact Olympic's Michelle Jarrett, Scarborough's Jacqueline Boggs, or Elysium's front desk.

New Albany Coed Intermediate/+
New Albany Coed Intermediate/+ - Click to team page

Today's featured team is New Albany Coed Intermediate/+. They defeated WHCC to take a share of the lead in the Intermediate/+ League. They are led by Ronni Feibel and Rozanne Stern. Their head tennis professional, Kristin Reed, played a major role in getting this league started.

Lakes-KK holds the sole lead in the Advanced Beginners League.

While the intent of the playoffs was to match up the top two teams in each league to determine the championship teams, there is no reason why all teams cannot play an extra match against the team immediately above or below them in the rankings. As per the rules, players need to compete twice in order to compete in the playoffs. If this presents a problem, please contact Kathy or Scott to discuss.

To view all of the matches scheduled for this Sunday, click List of Upcoming Matches.


Hot But 1% Less Miserable

The best Mother Nature news from yesterday is that there were almost no cicadas zooming around while playing "chicken" with car windshields. The bad news is that players were once against toasted by 90+ degree temperatures. The wind helped buffer the high temperatures but it also blew out your shots -- never your opponents.. Click on Previous Match Results to see how all of the teams did.

Worthington Hills Coed Intermediate/+
Worthington Hills Coed Intermediate/+ - Click to team page

Leading the Coed Advanced Beginners League are Lakes-KK and Brookside (with Brookside still hoping to reschedule a match). Worthington Hills now leads the Intermediate/+ League after its 2-1 win yesterday against Scarborough.

Today's featured team is Worthington Hills Coed Intermediate/+. Their team captain is Patti Price.

The PBZ goal is to get out and take some exciting action photos. A few were taken at the WHCC versus Scarborough match and they will be posted in the coming days. Getting good pickleball photos may be more challenging than with tennis. The angles are different and the low ball bounce prevents many of the traditional, good photo opportunities. Because of the sun's positioning, the less frequent court changes will also make it more difficult to get good photos of both teams . For those of you who know a few high school tennis players, the top OhioTennisZone photos of the boys were just posted. Click for the OTZ girls photos from the fall.

Everyone gets a week off next Sunday for the July 4th weekend. Please stay safe and practice your dinks.


Really Getting Tired of Saying "It Was a Hot, Miserable Day.."

It looks like there will be a break in the hot, humid weather this week. It is about time.. There were five matches played yesterday and one will be rescheduled. To view all of the results, click on Previous Match Results.

Brookside Coed Intermediate/+
Brookside Coed Intermediate/+ - Click to team page

Leading the Coed Advanced Beginners League are Lakes-KK and Brookside. Scarborough and Worthington Hills lead the Intermediate/+ League.

Today's featured team is Brookside Coed Intermediate/+. Rob Postma, the club's head tennis professional, handles the captain duties. He received an assist from Susie Clark yesterday though, when she provided the names of the players who competed.

Brookside has five brand new pickleball courts and they look great. (See photo.) Two of the courts are positioned on a tennis court. Two are dedicated courts and the fifth court is a combination basketball / pickleball court. They are also lighted. Note that the best way to reach the courts is to drive all of the way to the back of the facility. (Note the satellite map where the two hard courts were.) They were built by Jim and Scott Lathrop's Total Tennis.

More team photos were added from yesterday. Please email your team photo to PBZ.

Here is a nice article about pickleball from Tennis Magazine titled, What tennis can learn from pickleball. While the article is good, it does not include how easy it is to find a match in almost any town or city. Nor does it talk about how players of different age groups and genders can effectively compete. It also does not mention how match scoring facilitates mixing groups to provide equal competition.


Another Hot Day for Week 2

It was another hot day yesterday. Hopefully we get some relief with the temperatures for this coming Sunday.

Scarborough Coed Intermediate/+
Scarborough Coed Intermediate/+ - Click to team page

There were some issues and there will likely continue to be issues over the coming weeks as we progress through this inaugural season together. One team with two Advanced Beginner teams ended up playing the wrong teams on Sunday. This will cause another schedule change but not for this coming Sunday (June 20).

The problem is that it is really hard to create another schedule after three matches have already been locked in. We spent most of the day on this using all of the Excel knowledge we knew to visualize and count the match-ups. The new schedule will be posted tomorrow morning on PickeballZone. It is likely that at least one team will play the same team twice. The Intermediate/+ schedule will not be affected but the Home/Away matches may change.

Please always refer to the online schedule on your team report on PickleballZone. The reason for always using the online schedules is that people tend to refer to older printed schedules, rather than putting the newer schedules on their refrigerators..

There was a court default on Sunday but it was a "good" default. The club without enough players brought in a pro on Court 3 so everyone still got to play. That was the correct court to play the pro (so no courts below the default had to be defaulted) and the scores were reflected as 0-0, 0-0.

Today's featured team is Scarborough Coed Intermediate/+. Their team captains are Murali Venkataraman and Gregg Nigl. Scarborough started league match play with a really close win against New Albany Coed Intermediate/+. Two of the matches needed "best two out of three" games.

To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Scarborough provided their own team photo to PBZ. Please email a photo of your own team as soon as you can so your team can be recognized.

To view all of the matches scheduled for next Sunday, click List of Upcoming Matches.

Always direct your players to PickleballZone for scores and schedule information.

On to week three!

JUNE 6, 2021

And Away We Go..

Congratulations to everyone who played yesterday. You played during the first weekend of the Central Ohio Adult Summer Pickleball League. This is something that you can tell your grandchildren about some day. In fact, why wait? Many of you can just text them now..

Kinsale Intermediate/+ - Click to team page

While there are many tasks left to do, the creation of this league was a sprint and it was done in just four short months. The long list of tasks done included: domain purchase, logo creation, software development, legal work, rule creation, web hosting setup, schedule creation, and the interactions with club directors and team captains. All of this was done as the platform tennis season wrapped up in March (see and during the Ohio boys high school tennis season that just finished last weekend (see

Special thanks to New Albany's Kristin Reed, Brookside's Rob Postma, and Scarborough's Bob Hilborn for their assistance in the advisory group as issues were initially discussed in early February.

Special thanks also go to the club representatives who rounded up players and arranged for courts. They include: Kristin Reed, Rob Postma, Wedgewood's Wendy Gibbons, Kinsale's Jason Homorody, The Lakes' Michelle Jarrett, Scarborough's Jacqueline Boggs, and Worthington Hill's and The Country Club at Muirfield Village's Abby Hand. The above was made even more challenging since the construction of many courts were delayed due to weather and other reasons. Since many clubs just opened for the season, it was difficult to identify players.

It was an extremely hot day yesterday and hopefully everyone stayed hydrated. While the plan was for everyone to play for at least one and a half hours, the steamy conditions may have affected those plans.

Today's featured team is Kinsale Intermediate/+. The captains are Michael Drew and Craig Richardson. More player photos will be added soon.

Click for all of yesterday's results. Note that the schedules for each team are included in the various team reports.

Contact for more information by clicking on Feedback.

Scott, Kathy, and Lauren Gerber of

MAY 2021

New Summer Pickleball League

It is time for something new.. Central Ohio pickleballers are a very active group of people and a common question that many clubs and facilities are hearing is "Why isn't there a skill-based league that is similar to what is offered for summer tennis and platform tennis?". Well, there is now.

Getting ready for the season - Click to enlarge

During the inaugural season, the league will consist of coed teams who compete on Sunday afternoons. The league will be skill-based with teams in the Advanced Beginners and Intermediate / Intermediate + categories.

Any adult group may participate just as they do in summer tennis, but the roll-out will be measured this year. The teams expected to compete this summer include: New Albany Country Club, Worthington Hills Country Club, The Country Club at Muirfield Village, Brookside Golf & Country Club, Scarborough East, Kinsale Golf and Fitness, Lakes Golf & Country Club, and Wedgewood Golf & Country Club.

The season runs from June 6 to August 1 (with playoffs for the top teams on August 8). The cost per player is $25, but just $20 when signing up as a couple. (This is even the case when couples are not playing on the same team.)

Test data is always required when launching web sites and "blank" faces were used along with monotonist last names for many of the clubs. The ZZZ Test Club was created for demonstration purposes and it will also be used to enable captains to practice entering match results.

Those who are parents or grandparents of high school tennis players may notice the resemblance of PickleballZone with OhioTennisZone. That is because the two are offered by the same company. Now pickleball players can enjoy the same software as the kids! Make sure that your kids / grandchildren follow your progress on PBZ just as you do with the high school players.

Contact for more information by clicking on Feedback.



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