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Central Ohio Pickleball League

APRIL 2021

New Summer Pickleball League

It is time for something new.. Central Ohio pickleballers are a very active group of people and a common question that many clubs and facilities are hearing is "Why isn't there a skill-based league that is similar to what is offered for summer tennis and platform tennis?". Well, there is now.

Getting ready for the season - Click to enlarge

During the inaugural season, the league will consist of coed teams who compete on Sunday afternoons. The league will be skill-based with teams in the Advanced Beginners and Intermediate / Intermediate + categories.

Any adult group may participate just as they do in summer tennis, but the roll-out will be measured this year. The teams expected to compete this summer include: New Albany Country Club, Worthington Hills Country Club, The Country Club at Muirfield, Brookside Golf & Country Club, Scarborough East, Kinsale Golf and Fitness, Lakes Golf & Country Club, Wedgewood Golf & Country Club, Jefferson Country Club, and others.

The season runs from June 6 to August 1 (with playoffs for the top teams on August 8). The cost per player is $25, but just $20 when signing up as a couple. (This is even the case when couples are not playing on the same team.)

Test data is always required when launching web sites and "blank" faces were used along with monotonist last names for many of the clubs. The ZZZ Test Club was created for demonstration purposes and it will also be used to enable captains to practice entering match results.

Those who are parents or grandparents of high school tennis players may notice the resemblance of PickleballZone with OhioTennisZone. That is because the two are offered by the same company. Now pickleball players can enjoy the same software as the kids! Make sure that your kids / grandchildren follow your progress on PBZ just as you do with the high school players.

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