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Nancy Stagg

Nancy Stagg
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Groveport Coed Level-1

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Match Results for 2023
Date Played Court Team Opponents Score
Sun, Jun 4
R.Stagg-N.Stagg W.Klein - J.Klein, Worthington Hills Coed Level-1 15-6, 17-15
Sun, Jun 11
N.Stagg-R.Stagg C.Sweeney - C.Lindell, Lakes-LB Coed Level-1 15-7, 15-10
Sun, Jun 18
R.Stagg-N.Stagg C.Day - D.McMunn, New Albany Coed Level-1 15-3, 15-6
Sun, Jun 25
R.Stagg-N.Stagg M.Henry - C.Henry, Jefferson Coed Level-1 15-8, 15-5
Sun, Jul 9
R.Stagg-N.Stagg K.Eisenhaur - H.McAfee, Scarborough Coed Level-1 15-1, 15-3
Sun, Jul 30
E.Bowling-N.Stagg J.Arguelles - A.Gunzenhaeuser, New Albany Coed Level-1 15-6, 15-1

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